UBER© has, over the past few years, become a popular mean of transport used by millions across the globe. In Australia, specially Melbourne, UBER© attracts many vehicle owners as a business concept. This have resulted in an increase in the numbers of people seeking to purchase or lease cars to use as UBER© cars. Many car owners are in fact generating enough funds to pay for their car finance repayment through the use of the car as an UBER© service. It seems that many now ask the question, why not buy a few cars and deploy them to this service..?

In the same manner we get the best Car Finance deals for our clients, Austcorp will find and secure the best deal on your UBER Car. We are experienced and fast acting Car Finance Brokers able to take care of your Finance Requirements quickly and conveniently.

When looking for Car Finance, we consider the following options:

    • CHATTEL MORTGAGE – (Equipment Loan): This is the most common type of Business Loans. Chattel Mortgage Finance can be provided for the purpose of buying business equipment and business vehicles where you would be the registered owner of the equipment on delivery of the equipment, machinery or car. The financier essentially lends you the funds to purchase the equipment and then registers the mortgage over the equipment as security. Once the loan amount is fully paid out, the lender’s interest is removed and you enjoy a clear title over the equipment.. Find more about Chattel Mortgage Business Equipment Finance.
    • LEASE FINANCE: Leasing is another popular form of Business Finance. The financier purchases and owns the but lends you use of the equipment for a fixed term during which you will be required to periodical lease payments. At the end of the finance term, you will have the option to buy the equipment for a calculated residual value.. Find more about Lease Finance for Business.
    • HIRE PURCHASE: To simplify Hire Purchase – your finance is based on the lender purchasing the car or equipment and then hiring the equipment to you over and agreed term at the end of which you take complete ownership of the equipment. You can finance the entire purchase price of the equipment, or opt for contributing an initial deposit payment. A balloon payment can also be included in the finance agreement. Having that option to take full ownership of the car or equipment at the conclusion of the finance agreement means that your payments contribute to building equity in the purchased goods.. Find more about Hire Purchase.

So, if you are interested in operating an UBER Service and looking for Car Finance, talk to us today by calling 03 9802 9070 and you will be surprised of the ease and speed at which your car loan can be approved.